Commercial Roller Doors

Our Commercial Roller Doors are perfect for all types of buildings, from commercial buildings and loading bays to farm buildings and sheds. For homeowners who seek extra security and peace of mind, this heavy-duty door also looks well on domestic garages.

  • Controls
Push button, Remote control, and key switch are different control options we provide. In case of a failure all doors come with a manual override system
  • Colour Finishes
You can opt for a galvanised steel finish or select from a large variety of PVC colour finishes, or powder coating to any RAL colour
  • Custom Sizes
We cater for all size doors and openings. Each door is custom sized and custom made to fit exactly as needed. This is necessary as most openings are different
  • Motors
Depending on the door weight and sizes we provide a range of motors to suit the needs of the door. Naturally a large door needs a larger motor than a small door
  • Windlock Operations
If the door is very wide, heavy guide / windlock systems can be used to strengthen the door to deal with strong winds – or, indeed, a strong human would be intruders!
  • Parts and Extras
We stock spare parts and optional extras and can provide them to you swiftly.


The gauges of galvanised steel used range from 0.5 – 1.2mm, depending on the width and height of your door, but you can request whatever thickness of steel you want. The doors are assembled with 75mm curved lath sections. So, if part of the door is accidentally damaged, you just have to replace the damaged part.


A wide range of products to suit your needs and your budget

Low Maintenance

The commercial roller door just needs the occasional wipe clean, while it’s best to oil or grease the guides now and again.


The doors are electric as standard. There are different grades of motors depending on dimensions and door weight. You can choose different control options such as the remote handset, push button and key switch. All electric doors have a manual override system in case of power failure. If you lack power in the relevant building, a manual door can be provided.


Our Skills And Expertise

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