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The single skin Glide Roll Doors are simple and practical doors. They combine functionality and quality. It is a very popular choice . This is because the doors are reliable and robust. It is affordable and attractive which makes this door ideal for new home owners as well as replacement dwellings. All doors are made to measure with most shapes catered for including arches.

Space Saving

These doors are installed with its own steel frame behind the opening. They usually don’t require any timber. This maximizes the actual opening width of your garage entrance. Then we leave you more space for your vehicle. The door rolls upon itself with no outward swinging. This means you can park right up close to the garage door. You can make full use of your storage space with no ceiling track


There is a wide range of colour finishes available. This means there is something to suit everyone. Along with Plastisol colours there are also woodgrain finishes. This includes mahogany, oak or rosewood for perfect window frame matching.


Little strength is needed to roll up the door due to the spring assisted curtain. Suitable for all age groups. Enables effortless operation.

Mini Roller

A mini roller option is available in cases where headroom clearance is low. The roll is more compact. This reduces the amount of space needed above the lintel.

Automatic and Secure

We can install these doors with manual or automatic levers. Manual doors allows you to secure your door from both the outside and the inside. This features double locking bars for a safe closure. As standard these doors include a electric motor with tow remote. We can upgrade manual doors to electric doors also if needed

Low Maintenance

These Doors have highly durable plastic. They can also come with a laminated finish which requires only an occasional wipe clean. No oiling or greasing of the guides is needed.


Each side provides a thick wearing nylon webbing. This gives the door a silent and smooth operation.


Extra strength is added through the patented ribbed profile on the door. It also adds extra security. For extra strength we can add wind locked options.


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