Thurles Engineering Services sister company Roller Doors Ireland manufactures and supplies high-quality, affordable roller shutter doors for homes and businesses throughout the Republic of Ireland.

Thurles Engineering Services offer several different options for doors. Through our sister company Roller Doors Ireland who specializes in all kinds of affordable and custom-made shutter doors. First let us appreciatethe benefit ofboth Sliding doors and Rolling Shutter, which will help you make awell-informeddecision for your business.

Benefits of Sliding doors from Thurles Engineering Services

Some businesses such as health care and offices may choose sliding doors for their design and functional advantages. They are:

  • Efficient insulators and glazing.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Allow natural light.
  • Conservespace.
  • Environment-friendly
  • Create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Ease access

Benefits of Rolling Shutters from Thurles Engineering Services

Your business could benefit from installing rolling doors for the various reasons mentioned herein:

  • Security
  • Deterrent
  • Protect from the environment.
  • Cost-effective
  • Versatile

Why Choose Rolling Doors Ireland for Rolling Shutters?

Thurles Engineering Services offer Rolling Doors and Rolling Shutters perfect for all types’ of buildings – sheds, farmhouses and loading bays, commercial buildings and shops.

Thurles Engineering Services Rolling Shutters are mainly installed on the building’s exterior. However, they can be installed internally wherever heightened security is necessary. The doors are hard to access and send appropriate signals to unauthorized persons trying to access the premises. These doors are an excellent choice when your business is closed, especially around Christmas.

Thurles Engineering Services Rolling Shutters can be custom-made to suit any project in a vast variety of PVC colour finishes or powder coating to any RAL colour and sizes. This will improve your business reputation, making your business more appealing to potential customers. Roller Doors Ireland can affix a Retrofit motor and convert your existing manual doors into smart shutter door openers.

Thurles Engineering Services Rolling Shutters can perforate steel finish, so you can creatively advertise or display your products securely after closing time. You can indeed include a large window, with a wind-lock system and choose your control option with a manual override system in case of power failure.

Thurles Engineering Services Environment-friendly Roller shutter doors protect your business from the elements. They ensure glazed units remain intact in case of strong and gusty winds. They reduce the heat loss,therefore, reducing your energy bills. What is more, they are low-maintenance and a long-lasting solution.

Thurles Engineering Services comprehensive range includes insulated doors, PVC-coated doors, glide-roll doors, sectional garage doors and shopfront roller doors.


In any commercial setup, the roller shutter doors are a considerable portion of the equipment. The shutter doors create a lot of inconvenience when it stops working properly. Here are some of the most common reasons for a malfunction and when you must call for specialized roller door repairs.

  1. Before you call a professional, test the batteries in the remotes or transmitters. It may just be the battery powered controller has lost power. If the roller shutter doors are closing too fast, the tension springs or cables may have broken. In this case, we recommend you call Thurles Engineering Services via email on or phone us on 086 120 1844 trained repair service immediately. The cables and springs of shutter doors can be dangerous to handle without the relevant training.
  2. If the doors are producing a rubbing noise at a particular spot while opening or closing, or slowing down at a particular spot, it may be unaligned. This is a serious issue, and you must contact a specialist to handle it for you to prevent any accidental injury to you or your customers.
  3. If the shutter door is opening properly but will not close when you use the remote, check the photo eye sensors as they may be dirty or out of alignment. You may call for professional help or after cleaning, make sure they are equal in height and adjust and match their positions. (If in doubt don’t hesitate to call for service)
  4. If the doors close but stop and reverse each time, something may be obstructing their path on the track. Cleaning the track with a rag or a damp towel should fix the issue. Regular cleaning will prevent this occurring in the future.
  5. In case the roller shutter doors are not lifting at all. Check for a broken torsion spring. You must call for a roller door repairs Meanwhile keep your customers and clients clear from the door.
  6. Occasionally you may hear the motor of the roller door running for a few seconds without opening the door. This may occur when the door has been manually locked. Unlock the door and then attempt to open it again.
  7. Should the shutter doors open and close randomly, check that the buttons on the remote control are working properly. Grime or grease may cause interference.
  8. If the door closes but directly reopens instead of staying closed, confirm the open and close limit setting on the opener.

We hope this list is helpful. If you have any specific issues not included herein, please call Thurles Engineering Services on 086 120 1844 or email on, our expert technicians are on hand to give you the solution.

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