Outa-Dors Doors

Are you looking for a Strong, Versatile & Durable External Steel Doorset

OUTA-DOR is setting the standard for external steel doors, with an industry leading specification, 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee, and 5 year mechanical warranty.

The OUTA-DOR is a strong, versatile, and durable general purpose steel doorset, and is available in a wide range of sizes from 690mm – 1340mm wide single doors and 1000mm – 2600mm wide double doors, and from 1500mm – 2800mm high.

A £2m investment program has increased our overall capacity and now allows OUTA-DOR doors to be manufactured on a 10 day lead time.


OUTA-DOR’ steel doorsets are suitable for use in an enormous range of applications in the industrial and commercial sectors, from schools & offices to car parks & supermarkets, the versatility of our steel doors means they can be adapted to your requirements.


Made to Measure

OUTA-DOR’ steel doorsets are made to order at our UK factory and are available in a wide range of sizes from 690mm – 1340mm wide for single doors and 1000mm – 2600mm wide for double doors, and from 1500mm – 2800mm high.



Strong, Versatile & Cost Effective

The versatility of our ‘OUTA-DOR’ steel doorsets makes them suitable for use in a wide range of external applications from schools & offices to car parks & supermarkets. Our  OUTA-DOR’ doorsets are supplied fully assembled with hardware fitted as standard which, when combined with our adjustable fixing feet and variable sub-frame, drastically reduces the installation time on site, which in turn adds value to a project. The single fix design of our doors can offer greater cost savings when priced against overall installation times for timber doors, and the inherent durability of steel means that in areas of high traffic or potential abuse the ‘whole life’ cost of a steel doorset significantly outweighs that of a timber doorset.

Powder Coating, Patterns & Stainless Steel Finishes

Our OUTA-DOR’ doors are available polyester powder coated as standard in one of 50 colours. Alternatively, doors can be polyester powder coated in any BS or RAL colour*.

Our OUTA-DOR’ doors are also available in stainless steel, with brushed, polished and patterned finishes available. Alternatively, our external doors are available unfinished for site finishing.

Fire Doors & Panic Hardware

Our OUTA-DOR’ steel doorsets can also be custom manufactured as fire rated doors. These fire rated doors are designed to contain and prevent the spread of fire for a specified period of time. Our fire rated OUTA-DOR’ doors are available in latched and unlatched configurations, with sizes and hardware constraints varying between classifications. There are three classifications of fire rated doors: ‘OUTA-DOR’ 60, ‘OUTA-DOR’ 120, and ‘OUTA-DOR’ 240, which provide protection against fire for up 60, 120, and 240 minutes respectively, and have been tested to BS 476 Parts 20 and 22, and BS EN 1634.
Our ‘OUTA-DOR’ steel doorsets can be fitted with a range of panic hardware in order to comply with BS EN 1125 and BS EN 179 standards. We can fit a range of panic hardware both for emergency applications where the exit door is in a low occupancy environment and will only be used by trained personnel, and for panic applications where the exit door is used by the public and provides ‘safe & effective escape through the doorway with the minimum effort and without prior knowledge of operation’. We can also fit a range of outside access devices to provide practical, controlled, and durable access to secure premises.

Vision Panels, Louvre Panels, and Side & Over Panels

Vision Panels:
To comply with Part M of the Building Regulations 2004, doors across circulation routes should have visibility glazing. Our ROBUST ‘OUTA-DOR’ doorsets can be fitted with a wide range of clear laminate vision panels, with custom sizes and glass types available to suit your specific requirements. Our vision panels are constructed from 1mm cold rolled steel, and screwed together from one side.

Louvre Panels:
Our ROBUST ‘OUTA-DOR’ doorsets can also be fitted with a wide range of louvre panel options. Our standard louvre offers 50% air flow, with louvre blades constructed to stop birds. Galvanised insect and fly mesh are also available as optional extras.

Side & Over Panels:
We offer a range of side panels and over panels for our ROBUST ‘OUTA-DOR’ single and double doors. Panels can be solid, hinged, removable, flush, glazed or louvred depending on your specific requirements.

We supply a wide range of our OUTA-DOR’ steel doors with a guaranteed lead time of only 10 working days, delivered and with no additional charge. Robust UK now guarantee a ten day lead time on all steel doors, drastically shortening the process from purchase to installation while maintaining our high level of quality-control and value for money.

Our doors are available in the following configurations:

Sizes, Frames & Finishes:

  • 600mm – 1350mm wide
  • 1860mm – 2800mm high
  • 95mm single rebate C frame
  • Material: Magnelis ® 1.2mm skins, 1.5mm frames
  • Finish: Polyester powder coated in one of 75 standard colours
  • 4 stainless steel dog bolt hinges
  • 15mm standard threshold
  • Side & Overpanels


  • Arrone DIN standard lock, 65mm backset
  • HOOPLY Euro profile security lock, 60mm backset
  • EXIDOR/BRITON 200 series panic hardware
  • Robust TS5.225 door closer
  • Zero Z105Z friction stay
  • 250mm cavity plates
  • Spy hole
  • Letter box

Vision Panels & Louvres:

  • Non fire-rated glass
  • 254mm x 254mm
  • 254mm x 559mm
  • 254mm x 762mm
  • 254mm x 1524mm
  • 254mm x 1524mm
  • 457mm x 457mm
  • 457mm x 1524mm
  • 457mm x 457mm louvre
  • 457mm x 1524mm louvre

Locking Solutions

Our OUTA-DOR’ steel doors can be fitted with a wide variety of mortice locks and latches, with all lock cases tested to BS EN 12209 and all lever furniture tested to BS EN 1906.

Our range of locking solutions includes (clockwise from left): Deadlock Alt 1, Deadlock Alt 2, Deadlock Alt 3, Latch, Sashlock, Toilet Lock, Nightlatch Alt 1, and Nightlatch Alt 2.

Our OUTA-DOR’ can also be fitted with mortice multi-point locking, such as 3-point sashlocks, as well as access control mechanisms, such as mechanical keypads, electric strikes, and electro-magnetic locks in either surface mounted or concealed mounting configurations.