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We can come to your home or business to carry out a pre-fit consultation to help you make the right choice.

Welcome to our Services Repairs page. In this web page we will provide information on our services, Repairs and Maintenance of Roller Doors and their housing. It is highly recommended that you get your doors serviced once a year. Once a year will ensure your doors life span is as long as possible

If for any reason you need your doors repaired, we can assist. Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day. We stock a wide range of spare parts. We understand that your business can not suffer delays and we can get everything up and running fast. In the unfortunate case of a malfunction its best keep our details at hand. With this you will be able contact us immediately.
We can upgrade or improve current doors, motors or existing components. With a existing system this can sometimes be a great benefit to you. Please go check out spares and parts. We can repair damaged a section of your door. Our team have a lot of experience improving and repairing existing systems.

We advise roller or shutter door owner not to let out dated or old part further damage your system due to old age or damaged fragments. If you feel you system is suffering from old components give us a call

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